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Customers expect perfection every time

It’s never been easier for us to access information, buy products and services, keep in touch with friends and family, voice opinions, share and rate experiences – all from a myriad of different devices

As customers, we’ve become increasingly impatient expecting to experience perfection, first time every time. What do we do if we don’t have the perfect experience? We vote with our wallets increasingly switching vendors or suppliers the second they don’t meet our expectations.

Instant gratification
In this new world you’d better be perfect 100% of the time. If not, I’m gone, and I may never come back. Instant gratification is the name of the game. Customers demand that their problem be solved now (you have probably less than 30 seconds of their precious time) or they’ll simply move on.

As we collect more and more customer data, we’re developing clever and intelligent ways of making sense of it. Gaining a clear picture of what our customers really want enabling us to act on this knowledge quickly and decisively.

If we’re collecting loads of data on behaviour, wants and needs, we’d better be able to act on it demonstrating that we understand the customer intimately. Our collective mission is to figure out how to use digital technology to help customers feel engaged. Aligning business strategy, vision, creativity and purpose with customers will effectively be how we define customer engagement in the future.

Managing customer engagement has never been more important
As mobile technology in all its forms advances, the trend towards instant gratification, instant comment and instant change if I don’t like what I see will continue. This has clear implications for the way we view loyalty and how it can be sustained at any level in a world where it is so easy to flit from vendor to vendor.

Constant change means loyalty will become more and more difficult for businesses to define. One thing’s for sure, maximising customer engagement and customer experience has never been more important, requiring an interesting combination of creative and technical skills.