Case Study


Online engagement strategy for high street retailer

Working with our client’s digital team, we rationalised the email and SMS channel developing highly customised digital communications to drive online and offline sales.

The engagement strategy is based around a clear granular understanding of each customer’s buying patterns.

Multiple customer segments were created for use in the engagement programme. The Insight People created all digital marketing collateral required to support the programme managing design, build and delivery of several million emails per month.

Learning from the engagement process

The level of cooperative working between the client and The Insight People is intense. We provide ongoing engagement consultancy including best practice advice. Campaign results are closely monitored to ensure learnings from the engagement process are dispersed throughout the client’s business.

All engagement is managed by The Insight People and driven by customer data supplied directly to our email platform.

The engagement process has been highly successful with the segmentation and personalisation strategy exceeding expectations.